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Prize Eligibility Period: Prizes will be awarded to participating organizations based on donations received between April 7 and May 7, 2024.

Donation Criteria: Only online donations will count towards special time-bound "speed fundraising" prizes on Give Big Kern Day.

Offline donations will only be accepted in the form of checks or cash.
Offline gifts and early gifts will reflect in leaderboard totals but do not count toward prize challenges unless otherwise noted.

Unique Donor Definition: A unique donor is defined as one donation from one donor.

Contest Limitation: Organizations can only win one contest.

Prize Allocation: If an organization qualifies for more than one prize, the organization automatically receives the larger prize amount unless the organization specifically requests the other prize. The other prize will be awarded to the next best finishing organization.

Prize Challenge Changes: Prize challenges are subject to change, and all announced prizes are subject to verification.

Multiple Wins: An organization can win both a contest and a random drawing.

Donation Platform Requirement: To count towards Give Big Kern prizes, all online donations must be made through the Bonterra/GiveGab platform.

Discretionary Changes: Prizes are subject to change at the discretion of Kern Community Foundation.