2021 Required Webinars from GiveGab

Getting Ready for Give Big Kern

Thursday, January 14

11 AM PT - 12 PM PT

Learn everything you need to know about Give Big Kern, including how to register your organization for the big event and the features available to make your organization as successful as possible. We’ll conclude by answering any of your Give Big Kern questions and highlighting the resources available to make getting ready for Give Big Kern a breeze!

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Final Steps to Success for Give Big Kern

Tuesday, March 2

1 PM PT - 2 PM PT

With only a few weeks until Give Big Kern, there’s still plenty of time to make sure your Give Big Kern campaign is ready to go. In this webinar we’ll go over last minute tips and best practices to engage with your supporters and be successful on Give Big Kern. The Give Big Kern team will also be available to answer any and all of your last minute questions.

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Additional Optional Webinars from GiveGab

Leveraging Peer to Peer Fundraising During Your Giving Day

Wednesday, March 3


GiveGab, the technology platform powering Give Big Kern, is offering a free educational session available to our organizations all about Leveraging Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising during your Giving Day. P2P fundraising allows your biggest supporters to tell their stories of your organization’s impact and helps to expand your donor network. This webinar will be a panel discussion with three organizations that have found great successes using peer-to-peer fundraising as part of their Giving Day strategies.
In this session, you’ll learn strategies for building a strong team of fundraisers and attract new donors and engagement. Whether this is your first time thinking about using Peer-to-Peer fundraising or a seasoned expert, you’ll walk away with lots of helpful information and fun insights. Come prepared with any questions you may have for our panelists.

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Maximizing Impact Through Matches and Challenges During Your Giving Day

Wednesday, March 31

11 am PT

Join GiveGab for a panel discussion with organizations who found great success in leveraging Matches and Challenges during their Giving Day. You'll hear from fundraising professionals at GRACE Marketplace, a participant in The Amazing Give, Mattingly Edge, a participant in Give For Good Louisville, and CATCH, who has participated in both Avenues for Hope and Idaho Gives. In this session, you'll learn strategies for securing and stewarding matching donors, as well as tips and tricks for maximizing engagement with your matching gifts. Whether this is your first time thinking about using Matches and Challenges for your day, or you are a seasoned expert, you'll walk away with lots of helpful information and fun insights. Come prepared with any and all of your questions for our panelists, and we look forward to seeing you there!


Required Webinars from Kern Community Foundation
Must Attend Two of the Following

You are encouraged to attend as many trainings as possible: The more you learn, the better your chances for success! Various Topics. Basic/Medium/Advanced Levels Available

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Give Big Kern 101 Webinar from Kern Community Foundation:

Wednesday, Feb. 3.

8:30 to 10 a.m.

Description: This Basic-Level Training is ideal for first- or second-time Give Big Kern participants. It provides a solid, in-depth look at the GiveBigKern.org platform, which is made more user-friendly year after year, with a view toward helping you succeed as an online fundraiser! Get to know the front end of the website as well as the Admin Dashboard! You will also learn about key deadlines leading up to Give Big Kern Day, how the prize competitions work, and more. We suggest the buddy system: Have more than one person from your agency attend, that way you can learn together for mutual assistance and moral support!

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Learn from some of Give Big Kern 2020's Top Fundraisers and Prize Winners - Virtual Panel Discussion Facilitated by Kern Community Foundation:

Wednesday, Feb. 3.

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Description: Any agency that participated in Give Big Kern 2020 is a winner, but some really stood out in their fundraising results, peer-to-peer fundraising and donor engagement, board member engagement, and creativity in the use of social media and live video. Learn from the best to help you plan your Give Big Kern 2021 campaign! This training is for all levels:Basic/Medium/Advanced.

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Numbers Don't Lie: A Look at the Data from Give Big Kern 2020 and Online Fundraising in General - Webinar from Kern Community Foundation:

Thurs., March 11

10:30 a.m. to Noon

Description: In this Medium/Advanced-Level Training, we will take a deep dive into some of the data revealed in our Give Big Kern 2020 Report to the Community to see what we did right and what we could improve as a Giving Day, especially regarding Matching Gift and Peer-to-Peer Campaigns. We will also look at eye-opening (and hopeful!) data from our friends at GiveGab, Network for Good and Candid to see what the current state of affairs is for online giving despite--or perhaps because of--COVID-19. Come ready to take notes and learn from the data, because NUMBERS DON'T LIE!

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Social Media, Web & Email Marketing Strategies - Webinar from Kern Community Foundation

Thurs., March 11

1 to 2:30 p.m.

Description: The best way to promote your online day of giving is via electronic means: social media, e-mail marketing, videos, web-based community calendars, etc. We will look at ways to promote Give Big Kern effectively using social media resources that are FREE, and explore the many tips and aids included in the Give Big Kern Nonprofit Toolkit, as well as the Give Big Kern platform's own functionality, to help with e-promotions. We will also look at effective e-mail marketing strategies to help ensure that your e-mails have attraction-grabbing subject lines and a peppy, zesty look and content to engage recipients and inspire them to Give B-i-i-i-g! to YOUR charity. This training is for all levels: Basic/Medium/Advanced.

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Giving Day Training Videos

Learn how to complete all of the components of your profile to create an engaging experience for your supporters.

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Watch this video to learn how to meet your donors where they are, and help them become vested in your mission through successful storytelling.

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Communicating goals internally and externally can have a direct impact on your results. Check out this video to learn about how to set yourself up for success by planning out your unique goals for Give Big Kern.

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Having your board, 'on board' for Give Big Kern can strengthen your network of both support and outreach. Here are some ways to effectively engage board members in the day at varying capacities!

Learn all about this effective online fundraising strategy, and view some quick how-to videos to get started with GiveGab’s P2P Fundraising tool.

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Leverage social media to increase your online presence and audience engagement during Give Big Kern.

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Dollars can go a lot further when leveraged as Matches and Challenges. Learn what these gifts are, how they function in GiveGab, and gain some unique strategies to successfully gamify your day with these larger donations!

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Learn what information is available to you after Give Big Kern, and how you can use it to build on existing and newly-created relationships with your organization.

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